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This documentation is intended for internal use by the GDS community.

How to monitor your PaaS app with Prometheus

Prometheus uses service discovery to decide what it monitors, so for apps running on GOV.UK PaaS you’ll need to:

  1. Grant Prometheus read-only access to your PaaS spaces.
  2. Bind your apps to the Prometheus service.

Grant Prometheus read-only access to your PaaS spaces

By giving the prometheus-for-paas user the SpaceAuditor role you allow it to monitor each instance of your app and respond to events, for example start, stop, scaling.

cf set-space-role <org-name> <space-name> SpaceAuditor

Bind your apps to the Prometheus service

You can find Prometheus in the PaaS marketplace.

❯ cf marketplace
service          plans        description
gds-prometheus   prometheus   GDS internal Prometheus monitoring alpha

If you’re unable to see gds-prometheus in the output of cf marketplace please contact us through the #re-prometheus-support Slack channel.

Create a Prometheus service within your PaaS space and allow it to bind to apps running there. Do this by following these steps:

  1. Create a Prometheus service instance in each space you have Prometheus instrumented apps deployed
    • cf create-service gds-prometheus prometheus <service-instance-name>
  2. Either update your app’s manifest.yml to bind your new service or bind it using the CLI
    • cf bind-service <app-name> <service-instance-name>
  3. If your app uses a custom domain, make sure the authorization header and other app headers are being forwarded to the app, or the basic auth to the metrics endpoint will fail and your app won’t have access to your other headers.
    • cf update-service <cdn-route-service> \ -c '{"domain": "<custom-domain>", "headers": ["Accept", "Authorization", "<other app header values>"]}'

Within 5 minutes Prometheus will start scraping your application for metrics, you can validate this by checking Grafana.

App route configuration

Whether or not you’re using a custom domain the Prometheus service broker will only scrape your app’s first route.

For example, some apps may have multiple routes especially if they use custom domains such as, Only the first route will be picked up.

If there are no routes to your app the Prometheus service will default the route to:


Because changes to the first route will only be picked up within 5 minutes it could create gaps to metrics during route changes if you’re using a zero downtime plugin such as autopilot.