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This documentation is intended for internal use by the GDS community.

GitHub and Alphagov

GDS teams use GitHub as their default repository hosting and versioning service.

All GDS teams share one GitHub organization called Alphagov. Our GitHub organisation is on the Enterprise Cloud plan.

Access GitHub Alphagov

People joining GDS do not automatically have access to the GDS GitHub organisation, Alphagov. To gain access:

  • Create a GitHub account if you don’t have one already. Existing personal accounts are fine to continue using.
  • Enable two-factor authentication on your GitHub account.
  • Give your GitHub username to your team’s tech lead, or your nearest technical Senior Management Team member.

It’s the individual teams’ responsibility to grant that user access to relevant GDS GitHub teams.

Once setup is completed, staff can access GDS resources on GitHub or via the command-line.

Access GitHub support

All Alphagov users and external contributors (as long they have access to any Alphagov private repository) can request Enterprise Support directly from the GitHub team as a part of our Enterprise Cloud agreement.

GitHub support team targets an eight-hour response, Monday to Friday (UK time zone).

Request a support

All authorized users need to use a dedicated support portal to request Enterprise Support.

It is recommended users will Sign In before submitting any support requests. Users need to create a separate Enterprise Support account as regular GitHub account is not linked with Enterprise Support portal (hosted within a ZenDesk infrastructure).

Alphagov users should use email during the sign up process to ensure their ticket is prioritised. Contributors need to state they are part of Alphagov organisation within their request.

Users can submit a new ticket using a support request form. When a request submitted successfully user will receive an email confirmation from GitHub team.

Update and remove access to Alphagov

When someone moves to another team within GDS individual teams need to remove/add user from/to their specific GDS GitHub teams.

When someone no longer requires access to Alphagov because they’ve left GDS, individual team needs to remove their GitHub username from Alphagov organisation.